Looking for a shared hosting with multiple IPs

Does anybody know a good shared hosting that it’s having multiple ips, i can bind on using curl?

I need one with 50-100 IPs++

I don’t need the IPs for SEO tools or for Web Hosting, i need them in order to control some PHP/CURL twitter bots, and i really need more then 2-3 ips…for this.

I’m afraid you’re doomed to failure, anyone asking for that number of IPs is almost certainly a spammer.

No architecture that I can conceive of would require so many IPs - but you’re welcome to prove me wrong, as I may be entirely in error!

I don’t think you can get that many IPs these days, as they’ve become quite scarce. Most datacenters require a valid technical reason why you would need them. In practice, the accepted valid reason, is to install an SSL certificate.

That being said, IXwebhosting offers some 15 IPs with their shared hosting. You could buy multiple accounts from them, until your needs are met. It would still be cheaper than buying the dedicated IPs separately, as they tend to be about $2/month.

On the other hand, based on my experience with IXwebhosting’s shared hosting service, I can say that, at its best, it qualified as mediocre. :frowning: