Looking for a script or website that can do this

I have a client who sells antique toys online. I am in the process of building his online store. However he also wants to do live video auctions a few times a week to sell his excess and unsold inventory since he buys so much.

Here is how it will work:

  1. He connects his web cam to the room where he has the items available. This web cam video is recorded live online.
  2. People can add comments below the video and these comments auto-refresh every time there is a new comment to the video with a bid or question so the users and bidders don’t have to do a hard refresh in their browser.
  3. The newest comments are on top.

I thought YouTube would be great for this, but comments don’t auto-refresh, you have to do a hard refresh in the browser. Facebook won’t work because Facebook is buggy and the new comments don’t always appear and there are other issues, this is the way he is currently selling his antique toys at live online auctions.

Anyone know of any affordable script that can do this or any online video hosting service that is free that will work?


You’re looking for the keywords you type into Google to get you the results you need. Right?

Maybe “live commentary software.”

Have you thought about using browser auto-refresh?

We don’t want to make prospective buyers work to buy. We need something that can do it automatically.

Tried different terms in Bing search, but Live Commentary Software eluded me.


Still couldn’t find anything.

I was doing more research on YouTube and while comments aren’t live, live videos have a live chat on the right side of the video which is what the client was looking for. This issue is resolved. Thanks!


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