Looking for a responsive slider that can set a max-height

Hi guys,

I’ve got pretty specific slider needs, that I generally would like to use across lots of websites. Though I’ve tried several, I haven’t met one that does exactly what I want yet. I’m hoping someone might have run across one so that I don’t have to keep downloading and testing Every. Single. One. to see if it does what I want.

So what I want is a full-width responsive slider that will maintain aspect ratio but only up to a certain height. After that the slider contents would zoom to fulfill the full width requirement.

So far every one that I’ve tried does either or both of these, but not exactly what I want:

a) offers a fixed height function, which generally works by not showing the overflow-x at smaller sizes.
b) is completely responsive, but forever. So at large screen sizes, all you can see above the folder is a really gigantic slider.

What I want is a kind of mash up of these.

I’m also looking for a classic slider, not a carousel - though happy to use a carousel if it can be used in a way that makes it look like a slider, with fade transitions and all that.

Has anyone come across such a thing in their travels?



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