Looking for a regex to get anchor tags from a string

Hi all,

I have a site that for some reason was written to contain a list of links coded directly in the HTML and nor retrieved form a database. I would like to get the links to appear on two other sites I have on a news page. I found a curl function that got all the HTML form site A and put it in a variable. since the links I want are always coded as

<a href="http://

and the navigation links I don’t need are are all coded as

<a href="./

. I thought a regex to find all anchor tags that included the HTTP:// part would get it down to what I want and I could just loop through the array and output the list with any formatting needed. I have limited regex knowledge and have tried many of the examples found on google with no luck.

Basically I just want a regex that matches exactly

"<a href="http"{then anything and any length and ending in exactly}"</a>"

and be case insensitive.

The closest one I have was found on google and is as follows:

preg_match_all("/<a.*? href=(\"|')(.*?)(\"|').*?>(.*?)<\/a>/i",$html,$anchors);

but as soon as I add the "http after the equals sign it returns no results at all.

Thanks in advance.

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