Looking for a property or effect that moves a sentence from r-l or l-r

is there a css property where a sentence literary moves from right-to-left or left-to-right and vanish as it reaches its margins ends.

To make it clear I am not talking about the “direction:rtl;” property which able a reader to read from right or left direction I mean moving a sentence and vanish it as it reach its margin ends.

PS: it would be more like an effect.

thank you.

Are you talking about a scrolling marquee effect ?

If so there are plenty of scripts about that will do that cross browser but be warned that most users hate scrolling text.:slight_smile:

Or did you mean something entirely different?

Hey paul thank you for the response.

Yes I meant the marquee tag. It does work and move a text from left to right. Is there to a way to accelerate the speed of the move?

I wonder why user won’t like that effect.

You can speed it up using the attribute “scrollamount” and slow it down with “scrolldelay” - see here for more info.

Why is it disliked?

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