Looking for a professional host

Hello everyone,

Well, I’m trying to find a reliable host… I’m not concerned about the price, or even 10,000 features. I’m primarily interested just two things:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Efficiency

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
Tigmai :slight_smile:

In which country are you located?


Me: United States
Potential Audience: 65% Micronesia I[/I], 25% USA, 10% Elsewhere



Does Micronesia have good broadband service? If so, then the US-based servers seem to be FAST and economical (good price pressure to keep things reasonable - competition!).

Do they have a “chokepoint” getting international traffic? NZ used to have a “chokepoint” but I’ve not noticed that for many years. If you have a chokepoint there, get a small host there for your “local” traffic. US traffic can get downloads fast enough from there and 10% is hardly enough to matter in choosing a location.

As for me, I’ve always hosted in the US but largely because half of my clients are there and the other half (less one in the UK) are from NZ.



For a reliable host, I would personally look at their track record. Look up reviews to see if there were or are any complaints about reliability. Of course for trust worthiness for the business aspect, there is really no better place to check than the BBB. Hosts with the BBB from my experience, are the ones that are most trust worthy with your money.

Decide whether you you need hosting in UK or US accordingly you can shortlist few hosts and check there reviews on forum or google to see if they meet your requirement.

What do you mean by efficiency ? do you mean reliability and uptime performance ?

Hi… Well, i meant focused/hard-working, and was reffering to the individuals themselves. Not so much the technology (though that is important too). :slight_smile:

I believe that is easy rask from one hand and not easy at all from another. What you need to do is just follow your requirements. I mean space and bandwidths. Then once potential web host is found - try to decide if that worth to give a try or not. So try to give a try.
I believe no one in the world will never tell you which web host will work the best for you in that situation.

Alright, advice taken… I’m just a little tight on cash, if ya know what i mean. So i was since i’m sure this is a question that is probably asked over and over again. I’ll just try something out.

Thanks again,

I would start by looking for a host who has been around for several years; one that is up front with their issues, and how they fixed/going to fix them. You probably want someone who is transparent. This will allow you to communicate with your clients appropriately, and will also allow you to have a strong relationship with the host.

Based on your needs, I would likely recommend InsiderHosting.Com or HTTPMe.Com. Both are owned by the same company, but cater to different markets. They’ve been in business since the early 2000’s, and have offered a stable hosting solution, with great support from day 1. I am admittedly not hosting with them currently, but have previously hosted my domain BlitzAds.net with them before.

If there is no problem then, please mention the exact location where you are interested.

Good hosting providers are characterized with reliability, stability and uptime in delivering hosting services. But before select any hosting provider you obviously read their original positive reviews.
Thank you.

How do you define “Efficiency” when it comes to web hosting service? Sorry but I can not figure it out!

efficient: performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort;

That’s just one definition of the word… I guess what i’m really trying to say is… I’m more concerned about how they work. And when i say “they”, i’m referring to the individuals maintaining the servers.

I hope that helps…

You best bet would be hosting the site in the US not in Micronesia. Most hosting companies in the Us have lower prices and mutiple back up systems such as power and t1 lines coming in from mutiple companies. You will have less problems over all.

If your makeing site for Micronesia just use domain name for that or keywords not hosting there.

I think you should go for http://www.247easysupport.com/index.php they have been around fro several years. I am recommending them after i hired them for my company and am pretty much satisfied with their services. Though its your call in the end.

I’ve had nothing bu great experiences with bluehost over the last couple of years…

Most of the hosts offer money back guarantee so you can always try them out for few weeks see how they respond to your tickets … etc

If you are primarily interested in Trustworthiness and Efficiency and have no problem with price then why you should not use the host services offer by reliable companies like yahoo or google. Which are offering you the best service with security and safety.

Waqar Ahmad-18537

you can always try them out because Most of the hosts offer money back guarantee.

try and try you will get know all