Looking for a Product Review service

We have been looking for a service to provide reviews on our website. Our current platform, CRE Loaded 6.2B2B is capable of having reviews but the reviews are kind of hidden and also the place to leave reviews are so after 3 years we’ve only had one review left.

We plan to upgrade to Magento late this year/early next year. Does Magento have a good review system?

We are considering though simply outsourcing this review system and have looked at some such as RateVoice and PowerReviews. I like PowerReviews but the price of $80/month is a cost that I don’t know if we can justify at this time unless the increase in sales is great.

I have heard how important reviews are on a site. I know when I make a purchase I tend to go to Amazon or NewEgg if it’s a tech item and if I make a purchase frequently it is on one of those sites. As I’ve read on here, customers look at reviews from customers more than looking at what the store themselves say.

I am curious what type of review system Magento has but also I’m interested in hearing about good review services out there and if there are some with better prices and good service.

Thank you,

I would highly advocate giving PowerReviews a close look [I have been an enterprise customer twice and regularly engage with / listen to their team speak at events].

While most ecommerce packages have their own internal review systems, they tend to be very basic and of course, just impact your site. With PowerReviews (there is also enterprise versions of their service and competitors but not applicable if $80 / month is a stretch) you’re getting best in breed… Full review features with summaries (people don’t want to read every message so PV gives you a synopsis), tagging, advanced moderation, reporting and syndication of reviews back to their system.

Over 90% of online users will check reviews in their shopping process and reviews are the #1 factor people look for when researching. If you’re making your own products they are even more critical as people won’t know anything about their reputation without reviews on your site. Of course you have to have enough reviews for them to be useful… A dozen or more per item is really a minimum to make it count.

Thank you for your reply.
I have looked at more than 6-7 different review sites/services but PowerReviews and RateVoice are two which impressed me the most. I see RateVoice is $29.95 and can go up to $80 or so where PowerReviews starts at $80 and up.
If I go with PowerReviews I’d likely stay with the basic $80/month plan and just prepay for a year to save 2 months and with RateVoice it’s possible I may upgrade the plan.
A lot comes down to what I get for my money and I’m willing to pay more to a certain degree if I get more for it.
I have two ideas of items that may make PowerReviews the winner for me. I attempted to contact them late last week with these questions but didn’t get through to anyone but will post them now since I won’t find out about them until early this week and I hope to start implementing solution before the weekend is over.

  1. Buzzillions: If I am correct it seems that any review left of any website through PowerReviews makes it’s way to Buzzillions but my question is if we get any advertising through that. When I looked at Buzzillions it appears many reviews listed the store the review came from which is a good advertisement and 3 stores were listed at the top as places to buy from.

Is there any cost to get our reviews listed on Buzzillions?

Also, is there any cost to have it show that the review came from our website?

Is there a cost to be listed on Buzzillions as a place to buy the item?

Obviously if we get a lot of bonuses through Buzzillions that would justify the higher cost.

  1. This second one if a big one for us. Our website is relatively new but growing and we have a review system built into our website but it’s very bad and not being used much since it is kind of hidden. We plan to upgrade to Magento late this year/early 2012 and maybe that one is better but we obviously want a better system but we also want reviews.
    I was originally under the impression that with PowerReviews we get a lot of reviews. What I mean by this is if someone leaves a review for a video game on our website it shows up on all other websites selling that Video Game and having PowerReviews and the same occurs vice versa. What I mean is I believed we had a big database of reviews by using PowerReviews, not just reviews from our website. This would be a nice feature but does PowerReviews offer this or does someone else offer this?

Thank you again for your suggestions and help.