Looking for a practical CMS for my existing website


My existing website contains about 600 pages all html hand coded, each page is already present in google index so I do not want to change the file name

Also my website contains nested categories and sub categories folder under which the pages are present


–> category1
–> category2
-------> subcategory1
—> category3


I’m looking for an easy to use and practical existing CMS which can import my website pages, categories and then take it from there.

Would it be possible to include the meta data too like title, keywords description for each page ? It must maintain the same folder names and existing file names for the website



I would normally go with WordPress, as its (fairly) starightforward, and you can maintain your urls (pretty much) throughout the site. If you haven’t used WordPress before though it can be a bit tricky to set everything up correctly and create a new theme.

Another option is worth looking into is Perch. (grabaperch.com/‎) I’ve not used it myself before, but I has been recommended to me for this kind of implementation (basically dropping a CMS onto an existing HTML site).

Its well established and the documentation seems pretty good.

Thanks for the response.

WP is good but would it be easy to import my existing website ?

I would like to exhaust all the free options before looking at paid options.

That’s totally understandable. But I think you may find if it saves you a week’s work, £50 is fairly reasonable.

When I started getting into WP, I found Smashing Magazine to be a great resource. There’s an article which you may find interesting here:

That should help you decide if you’re up for the challenge.

I’ve only just started looking into using modx to start a new site.
I didn’t pay much attention to it as I wasn’t interested in doing it, but I did see something while checking around about being able to use it for an existing site.