Looking for a membership system that can also handle point of sale

I’m helping out a local crossfit gym that would like to have a membership system , but can also handle point of sale items like t-shirts and such. The membership system would ideally be an online component that could plug into a website. Perhaps something like a Wordpress plugin. The tricky part comes in finding something that can also handle the point of sale piece.

Is there such a solution? Even if the membership portion was custom built, is there a backend that can handle this? I was looking at Square for Point of Sale, but that doesn’t do membership. And most of the membership software packages that I’ve looked at don’t cover point of sale.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Here is a link to a shopping cart that can handle subscriptions PLUS individual products: CoreCommerce

Here is an idea; set up a product and call it Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Membership each with individual “subscription” prices. Setup the shopping cart to bill the Credit Card monthly.

Then simply add any other products with pictures, descriptions, etc for apparel and any other product you want to sell.

Send your members their unique username and password and encourage them to purchase online and pickup products at the gym.

Here another idea… (I am on a roll here!) set up a computer AT the gym and showcase your brand new subscription system plus the online shop.

OK, I am out now…

Good luck!

-Daniel O.
eCommerce Developer

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I don’t know if your still looking for a membership system, but my firm offers a very powerful and affordable solution. Its an internet based system that handles point of sale, plus lots of other features. Versatility Computer Solutions

Versatility Computer Solutions

Your problem isn’t really that big of a deal. Some POS systems have everything you need in one package. No need to tinker with the backend, just get good service for your POS requirements.

we usually program this stuff ourselves. might release a CMS sometime soon - in its current stage its sort of like StackOverflow and OSQA.