Looking for a Live Chat Solution

Does anyone know of a Live Chat solution for a CRE Loaded website? I just set up CRE Messenger to use and found out that it is not longer active. ChatStat was suggested to me by CRE but we are looking for a lower priced solution if possible. It would probably not be used 24/7 and just at times like the holiday season and certain times of the days but I want an option for customers to be able to select to Chat and for it to alert someone on our end that a customer is requesting chat. We don’t need any of the fancy bells and whistles.

We have used Live Person and been extremely pleased. Not sure they have a version thought that you can use so randomly.

You can try LivePerson or Kayako LiveResponse. If I remember right, LivePerson is more expensive but it contains less bugs.


You will find a list of live chat providers at http://compare-live-chat.com

I only tried “helponclick” and it works quite well for me.

How it comes this site has no information about really serious and world’s leading livechat applications? :?

Do you maybe know where we can find more complete list?

Alan22, I’d suggest you to check Kayako LiveResponse and Timpani LivePerson, these livechat solutions are really powerful

Another good live chat is Plupper. Check it out, it comes with more useful features like: customer idea sharing, issue reporting and FAQ support.

Do you mean this? http://www.plupper.com/index.xhtml

It’s not a livechat solution

Sure it is a live chat solution.

It doesn’t look like a real support suite for me…

Sorry, my bad. I didn’t realize you look for application JUST to chat with friends. I thought your needs are a little bit higher.

try live247support. com

billing starts at 6 cents per minute. you can have as many live chat operators as you want.

You can try virtual smart agent.It is very cheap and one time payment is necessay…

Kayako LiveResponse is the better option…low at cost and of good quality
LivePerson is my second choice

I have some friends who use BoldChat and really like it. Good luck!

We use Kayako now, but it’s not so great.

Thank you for the good information.

Plz Use LivePerson or Kayako

i think ParaChat is best.