Looking for a free Currency Rate XML / Data Feed?

I did some research and have found 3 solutions… looking for something free if possible.

I just need an update of 2 different currencies (USD and JPN), once every day. Any ideas?

It seems these are all designed for currency trading websites that require multiple updates through out the day, and charge through the roof for it.

Here’s what I found so far,

Currency Exchange Rates (FOREX) $99.99/mo ($1188 per year)
Automatically updating currency exchange rates versus the U.S. Dollar. More than 70 currencies supported. Completely customizable. Unlimited access for one website.

US$540 per year
you can choose the file format you prefer (html, csv, or xml), you can select as few or as many currencies as you wish (even all 174 active world currencies), and you can select the time of day (in your own time zone) at which your rates are updated.


Level 1 (10 accesses/day) - One Year US$295 per year
The Currency Methods Data Feed allows you to access a single file containing exchange rate information. The file format (XML, CSV or INI) and content options (base unit, language for currency names, additional properties, etc.) are indicated by setting appropriate query fields in the access URL itself.

Also found this one, which doesn’t state the prices so I’ve put an inquiry in…

Thanks guys!


Update: I’ve resorted to paying a programmer to develop a scraping script that will pull the info I need for me instead.