Looking for a form submission with backend "users" who can see the submitted data

Ok, so I can’t really fit what I’m looking for in the description and there is thousands upon thousands of packages that can do what the title says but I’m looking for something that has a few core pieces to it:

1.) User submits form
2.) It gets stored in a database and NOT simply form-mailed off to an email
3.) I can add multiple staff members to be able to view the submitted data

Now, those 3 things are almost every single client management system in existence BUT I’d need for it to also have (if at all possible) the ability to “delay” when certain users can see the submitted data, say 24 hours for example. I’d also like for it to have some ability to where depending on, say the state/zip, certain users don’t have access to it. So for example, if a client submits information from CA, a staff member who is in NJ can’t see that. Thirdly, expanding on simply being able to “view” the data, it would be nice if all of the above features existed AND instead of simply being able to view the submitted data (again following the rules above, with delay) the user is/can be emailed the system?

So in essence, I’m looking to setup a site where users submit info, I can have different operators in different regions only able to view/receive via email, the submitted information, in the region I allow them to.

Does anyone know of ANYTHING like that?