Looking at transferring from Square space to wordpress

Hello there i was wondering if any one knows the process of transferring my website from sqp to WP if a change my website over if i do this does that mean that i have to rewrite all the content on my pages and basically have to start again? Would appreciate any info regarding this topic if some one has been through the process look forward to your replies and thanks in advance.

Do any of the following help?

Most of those say it is easy but if it is not easy then that is why people should avoid sites like Square Space. It is in the best interest of such sites to make it easy for you to use them but difficult to move elsewhere.

I’m sure there is tools out there. Square space might have a tool to export your posts into a csv file. In WordPress settings you can import posts via csv. Also look into plugins @ WordPress.org/plugins and search for square space transfer. I’m sure there’s something out there. Wishing you good luck!

As I said, they do not want people to transfer out. It is highly unlikely they will do anything to make it easy to transfer out.

Actually I just found something! :grinning:
Square space has a tool to export your site to WordPress.

Article here

Video here

Good. I was wrong.

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