Look What I Made! – Fluid Grid Calculator

The latest in our series of cool things that have been made by the community, is @Ahmed_Sadman; with a program that simplifies fluid layouts.

I’ll let Ahmed fill you in…

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Hello everyone,

I once created a very small program in Python which helps to calculate fluid grid values. Now I want to share it with you. You can use this while creating Responsive Web Designs.

We all know that fluid grid values are calculated with this formula- target / context = result

This program uses this formula, it’s a console program actually.


  1. No need to use external calculator or desktop calculator. All the calculations can be done inside the program and the value will be automatically converted to percent.
  2. Context will be fixed till you change it. So you can calculate with more flexibility.
    3. (MOST IMPORTANT) You don’t need to copy the result, it will be auto copied to your clipboard. You just need to paste it.

How to use:
Very simple.
1.1: Download it, unzip it and run ‘Responsive Calculator.exe’.
1.2: You will be asked for Context. Then you will be asked for the targeting value. Type it and press enter. You’re done, the result is automatically converted to percentage and also COPIED IN THE CLIPBOARD.
1.3: Just open your code and paste the value.

The context will be fixed till you change it. To change it,
2.1: Leave the TARGET query blank and press enter. Then you will be asked for the context.
2.2: Type your new context and it will be changed.

Download Responsive Design Calculator (EXE)

Source Code at: http://pastebin.com/n3DEYppa

I really appreciate that you took all this time to try and help us. thanks for the sharing

Very nice =)

very nice