Longtail keyword research

I am based in Australia, and have found it difficult to find any decent tools for long-tail keyword research that have accurate Australian data (aside from our dear old friend Google Adwords keyword tool). So instead, I am devising my own manual approach.

However, I have come across a stumbling block, which is as follows:

[I]I have created a spreadsheet with 4 columns (the columns titled “Verb, Adjective, Noun, Pronoun”). I have populated the 4 columns with keywords to my topic. For example the individual columns might read “buy | black | Labrador | Australia”, or “donate | young | poodle | Queensland”.

The idea is to generate a huge set of long-tail keywords, by generating every single permutation and combination of the words in the 4 columns, as well as also generating long-tail keyword permutations that use only 3 or 2 columns. For example “buy Labrador Queensland”, or " donate black poodle" or even “buy poodle”. I then need to plug all of these individual long-tail keyword combinations into Google Adwords to do my final analysis.[/I]

Does anyone have any suggestions how I can generate this long-tail keyword list (or are there any tools or techniques out there that actually what I am after?)

Thanks muchly in advance!

i usually do it manually… then lurk and analyze some the competitors that use that particular long tail kw…

when you say manually…do you mean painstakingly putting every long-tail keyword together in Excel? Surely at least that bit can be automated…somehow! :rolleyes:

Have you tried AdWords free keyword tool, wordtracker or wordze ? (the last two are paid ones). But if you need help with just one set of long tail keywords PM me and I can grab a small list for you.

Yep, I’ve definitely tried Adwords - the problem I find, is that it doesn’t generate many longtail keywords sometimes, which I believe are generally the most successful kinds of keywords. Adwords keywords tool seems to concentrate on quantity rather than quality, in my opinion.

Anyways, I’ve found a pretty handy online tool that generates a list of long-tail keywords… http://thesempai.com/keyword-generator.php .

My problem now, is that I have generated a list of between 5,000 - 20,000 keyword phrases using this tool, which I now need to analyse via Google Adwords keyword tool to see which are viable options according to the client’s criteria. Google Adwords only accepts a maximum of 100 keywords at a time though :confused: So are there any other tools out there that will provide the same data as Google Adwords keyword tool, but handle much larger volumes of data?

Sign up for a google adwords account and you will see the monthly traffic for every possible longtail combo.

I already have one! But it only accepts 100 keywords at a time, and I have a list of thousands!