Long time no see!

Hey all

Guess who?

After a long hiatus and lots of life changes I’m back…will try to login from time to time to see what you’re all up to!

Welcome back. I’ll bet a lot has changed during your absence (you may feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle)!

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Welcome back :slight_smile:

Hey @bluedreamer; – it’s great to see you back!

Hey Rob! Welcome back matey!

Wow! Great to see you back! Welcome, stranger :smiley:

He he hello everyone :slight_smile:

Holy cow!

Welcome back!

So could I pry as to the “Life changes”? Married? Children? Any named ‘Shaun’?

I really ought to start back typing in Georgia.

He he - you could pry but it’s too personal :slight_smile: …nothing to do with marriage, kids etc either

Bring back the Georgia!

No problem, brother. Hope all is well now.

Glad to have you back!

Bring back the Georgia!

I will too.

I spy Georgia :slight_smile:

haha! Yup, it’s back.

Welcome back!

Hi bluedreamer,

Welcome back!
I’m glad to meet you. I’ve joined the new!