I recently watched a show on the discovery channel that featured lomography, it’s where people use film cameras to capture images. Capturing images using an analog camera has its artistic perks, there are certain levels of accidental exposures and unwanted accidental shots which can produce an artistic image. Has anyone heard about this?

Yeah, this refers to using a Lomo or a Holga. Both really crappy cameras with plastic lenses. The low quality of the optics creates color distortions and other effects. Its not related to the film capture media. You can get a similar effect with a digital SLR with a pinhole cap or an [URL=“http://usa.shop.lomography.com/accessories/camera-accessories”]adapter.

It can be really fun because you can’t judge the results by the usual means. They stand on their own.

The same goes with music, it’s those accidental moments in recording that end up being the most magical.

What was the name of the documentary? It sounds interesting.

lol, I didn’t know it had a name other than “serendipity”. Once I clicked the shutter while taking the camera out of the trunk. “wasted shot” I thought. It ended up being a perfect shot of the over head clouds, focus, shadows, frame, everything. Something I’ve never been able to intentionally capture again though I’ve tried several more times.