Logout does not... logout

The logout button does not log you out. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t kill the cookie in Firefox I have to manually delete the cookie every single time I want to manually logout when I forget to untick the keep me logged in checkbox. Seems kind of a silly thing to have break, especially in forum software you bought.

yes, and so has Shaun(of the Dead). We’d log out, and next time we’re at Sitepoint.com/forums, there we are, logged in.

I thought I had completely turned off Firefox’s storage of form information, since I never ever trust a browser to store passwords for me (never never)… but it was still storing sessions and stuff.

I don’t remember everything I changed, but after making sure FF wasn’t storing passwords (it wasn’t) I made it have no history and cleared my cache. That or I got an update to NoScript that took care of it for me. I do normally accept any cookies SitePoint and Sitepointstatic send me, so those alone aren’t the problem.

Huh. It logs me out…
I’ve just done a quick ask around and no one else seems to be having the same issue.

Huh? I click log out, and I’m pretty thoroughly logged out. Which link are you using, the one at the top right, under your name & last visit information?

I’ve had a few people try it out for me, and they all seem to log out OK… this one has me baffled!

I swear, I promise you! it was not working for ages :frowning: Works now of course… It only works now because I said something (:

Anyone ever had session issues with Firefox before? :shifty: