Logos versus Graphic Tees?

hey all!
Please tell me if you know the basic difference between Logos and Graphic Tees? Will you please define it the way i could explain to a student of graphics.

I would be thankful. :slight_smile:

Are we talking applying an image/graphic to a t-shirt here?

If we are then there are a couple of different processes that are commonly used. One being a screen print and the other being a digital transfer. In basic terms screen prints are applied colour by colour and require a physical screen where as digital transfers are like taking a colour printout and ironing it onto a t-shirt. There are obviously different requirements for suppling artwork and different limitations to what can be achieved by each process.

You might want to clarify the use of Logo and Graphic too as they can mean different things depending on the context theyโ€™re being discussed in.