Logo Designing concept

I am a Company who provides Software,Web and Graphics Designing , SEO and Networking, VOIP and BPO services and consultancy . I need to develop my logo please guide me that but colors texts etc will I used .What are the concept and thinking behind logo designing

I prefer symmetrical logos with a limited number of colors. Remember, keep the colors to a minimum because whenever you go to print, the more color, the bigger the cost. just a quick tip.

Yeah I agree, but even you keep the colors to minimum, the quality must not suffer ok.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Something unique and memorable, that also echoes the personality of the company (more so than its service).


I agree. Something simple but unique. There can be 2 versions: in color and b&w.

2 or three colors, ability to size down the logo, quickly recognized, good for health, unique, and conveys a message to the viewer.

Also consider your audience. Younger audiences go for the sleek, new look, while older ones stay with the traditional stern look.

Definatly make it standout use a orginal design and make like the text all one color and then the object in color im sure you can make something really nice that is eye catching and make sure its readable

When I start a new logo design, I usually begin by browsing sites that host a ton of them. That usually gets my creative juices going pretty quickly. I’ve found that Juggle’s brand logo site is very useful because they have a ton of logos and they’re categorized well.

check out logotournament.com to give you some inspiration & ideas

Something appealing and have a great impact.

Different colors also have a different meaning.

For example, green could mean economical while red could mean action.

Make a logo which is simple,cool and unique in a way that the blending of colors can describe the company itself. 2 to 3 colors will do :slight_smile:

Try logooftheday.com , it sure does motivate me

I think you must define your company’s name first (eg:dr_dtg)
after that go to google to search some web
+your logo must simple and easy to remember
that’s all

Just remember that your logo has to be clear and instantly recognizable at a small size and also at a really large size. A lot of people forget this when designing cool logos.