Logo Designers Only?

Are there designers who solely work on logos, and nothing else? Or is this not financially sustainable?

There are certainly some who go pretty close. But I guess if you can do a logo, you’d want to apply your skills in other ways, like design in general or calligraphy etc. These are a couple of random links I’ve bookmarked over time:


AFAIK there are logo teams that make very big bucks.

I imagine getting into that league takes some combination of talent and connections, but still possible.

Not with my graphic skills (or lack thereof) I’m afaid.

Me too! I reckon this must be the hardest of all design jobs, as it’s the area where clients would be most hard to please, I’d think (certainly from what I’ve seen).

Thanks for the links, ralph. I was just reading about this graphic designer named David Airey and it was a little inspiring. He’s done some amazing work.

Yeah, I was going to link to that too, but chose not to. <jealousy>Clever people like that just make me sick!</jealousy>

Interesting, ralph. So he’s very well known then in the web design world… doesn’t surprise me. He’s done some pretty amazing work, and that blog of his is really nice.

I can’t be sure. But I have stumbled on that site a number of times, perhaps through Twitter etc.

Jeff Fisher is very well known.

Lindon Leader formerly employed by [url=http://www.landor.com/]Landor Associates – arguably the best/well-known creative agency in the world.

David Airey has a nice blog and all, but isn’t even in the same ballpark as the names I just mentioned. The same can be said for the guy behind JustCreative… nice blog and all but in no way a well-recognized and proven designer.

In these modern day, you really should not limit yourself as a Logo Designer, although the income here is also big but designing different kinds of project is more exciting and more income will come along the way.