Logo design - what do you think


I am not sure if this is the right forum for this post.

We are currently running a contest on 99Designs.com (http://99designs.com/contests/34250) and would like to hear your feedback. It will help us make a better decision on which design we should pick.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. We would like to know which top 3 you would choose.


All of the entry was brilliant but my bet is on #19 and #20. Good Luck For All of the candidates.

MAking a comment about the logo would be easir, ig we knew the nature of your business.

Just by looking at the logos, number 27 and 12 look to be the most professional without knowing the nature of your business and what kind of logo you are looking for.

nice idea, maybe some other font

Nice, I sent one of my developers the link to this site, I think he’ll win it. You’ll see!

@iamgq: the nature of your request is a bit different than the regular reviews we receive. There is a special area at SP Forum where you can ask for opinion about websites and elements (which is your case, for a logo you should go to Elements Reviews)

Remember to comply with their rules first.

I am closing the thread for now.