Logo Collapsing

Hi, When I resize my browser my logo
on the top corner does not seem to resizing.
and it collapses at mobile size.

there’s simply not enough room. Your a.navbar-brand is 298px wide and menu button 66px
the .navbar-header which wraps above is 383px

youll need to put your current css in a media query starting around 430px. Prior to this the .navbar-header and contents will need to work on percentages

Something like this.

@media screen and (max-width:440px){
.navbar-brand img{max-width:100%}
.navbar-toggle {margin:10px -10px 8px 0}

Is it best to say:

@media screen and (max-width:440px) {}


@media (max-width:440px)

Probably with the “screen” in there. If you leave it off, all other medias will get it. And for stuff like print, you should probably keep separate styles declared there.

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