Logo above Body

Hey there, I’m a CSS noobie, I’m trying to get my logo above the body of my page goldenarcherinvestments(d0t) c.o.m

But I cannot seem to get the css right to even display a logo anywhere on the page. Could someone give me a clue as to what sort of CSS code I would need to have a logo above the body?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

At a glance, you’ll need to remove the strange characters from the start of your orange.css file.

Hi, I’m a bit confused. FF is displaying the “logo” (the golden archer investments image).

Is there a browser not doing this? And if whta I said isn’t the logo, then what is? :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking, I wasn’t able to do it via CSS, so I’ve just added the logo to the background image using Photoshop.

Do you reckon this is an OK solution? I just need to position it right…

Well I’d recommendputting it back to the way it was and letting us figure out why it wasn’t working :). We have not had an unsolved thread here in memory.

Ok will do that now , thanks :slight_smile:

This a purchased WP theme btw. Design Agency, screen.css is the file that I tried working with. Orange.css is just for the colour theme.

I figured out how to move the whole body down, its 40px from the top. I would like to know what css code I would need to put in, in order to have the logo image appear above the body - instead of physically merging the logo with the background image.

Hi, I’m still a bit confused. I cleared my cache and the logo image (I’m still assuming “Golden Archer Investments”) is still put on the <body>

I don’t seem to be understanding what you are trying to achieve lol. Can you put a screenshot of what you are seeing, along with arrows of where it’s supposed to be?

I need visuals a lot :slight_smile:

Haha sorry, I had it back for a few hours - I’m doing this for a buddy and I wanted to show him what it might look like with the logo so I reverted back to my primitive method. Basically I wanted to achieve the same affect as you see with the Logo there, but using CSS to place the image.

Ah…well I was at college and I couldn’t look. I hoped someone else would but alas :).

Could you place it back now?

Done Ryan, thanks for trying to help :slight_smile: