Login with Amazon - what's the point?

I run a shopping site. We have a sign up/login and payment options with credit card, paypal and amazon payments.

My boss wants to implement Login with Amazon and i’m failing to see the benefit.

So people will come to your site and, if they want to log in, they can use their amazon account instead. Perhaps more people will use this more than a regular sign up? Are you able to then use their email for marketing purposes?

Is anyone using it/knows about it? Am I missing some benefit or am I looking at a bunch of work for no reason?

What is the point with any log in system? Logging in with 3rd party API allows other users to use something other than their personal email.

Sure, I know what it does, but what’s the benefit to a shopping company? We don’t even require a login to purchase.
My boss reckons it’s really important. I reckon it’s more of a ‘nice to have’.

Not entirely. What if a user wants to purchase more of a specific item they bought from you? A user can keep track of their purchase history if you have some kind of log in system. Though if you are dealing with people’s sensitive data, I would highly recommend in taking every security approach. Whether someone dislikes 2-Factor Authentication or not, it should really be implemented and enforced.

this is quite old now but i found it an interesting case study. https://blog.mailchimp.com/social-login-buttons-arent-worth-it/
the long and the short of it is that whilst it looked like adding social login buttons increased useage it was actually just down to improving the normal login.

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