Login script

Ok don’t shoot me, I’m trying to use a pre-made login script for a site that I’m playing with. I will learn how to code one in future, but right now I want to play & learn other more basic stuff.

Anyway, I downloaded this script http://www.evolt.org/node/60384 Which is cool, it does everything I need. However, its a pain to make pages with it since all the html has to go inside an else statement and therefore all the figgin tags have to be escaped.


  echo "All your html & any other php!";
  echo "You are not allowed to view this page";

With the previous version, I could just paste an include at the top of each page I wanted to protect and that was it.

Anyone know how I can get around it, or know of another login script with a ‘forgot password’ function that will allow me to just paste an include at the top of the protected pages?


Might be missing something but why don’t you just…



  die('Not logged in');


Then have the rest of your code after that, that way they see your code if it gets there.

Duh yeh of course who needs else!! Thanks mate :slight_smile: