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"Constant problems logging into my domain manager is freaking me out!?
I use a web application (Cpanel, for those who know) that I sometimes login in tells me “Login Failed Attempt” even though the password has always been the same (and is saved in the browser) so I ask you to support tech me to re-configure and in principle I can login in, but shortly after the error reappears again of login in until I finally blocked “Brute Force Protection” and then i have to re-configuration request, it generates me some discomfort, Is there really a way to avoid such problems?, one could say that this problem is related to the digital certificate “Server SSL Certificate.”

Note: I am using the correct server. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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cPanel will allow your password to be saved by the browser. The only possible problem I can imagine on the server side is that the user’s cPanel login is NOT the same as the FTP (or e-mail or …) login. It’s the master gatekeeper that protects your website.

I’m still trying to get used to Win7 (using Firefox, of course) and I believe that a common username on different logins which do NOT share the same password will cause the passwords to be reset. This has NEVER been a problem with my cPanel logins, though.

On the gross assumption that cPanel checks your authentication with every page request, they’re using $_SESSION data to pass your login data along to the new page. If you have your browser set to reject cookies and you’re not seeing long query strings, it’s likely that your browser configuration is to blame.

IMHO, though, your first stop should be with your host’s support staff.




When I use the feature in Opera that saves passwords I often find the login data is not entered in the login form while the page is loading. Does it seem to work fine when you manually enter?

To be honest with you I have never heard of a user being given an incorrect password error because they are using SSL.