Logging into phpbb3 forums

How do you make a phpbb3 forum keep you always logged in, like here on these forums please?

Anyone know ?

People still use PHPBB3 ?

Seriously though - you’d use a cookie. Doesn’t PHPBB3 not implement this rather ancient feature?

Yep loads of people still do. Seriously though, is there any other way of doing it as opposed to anything ancient?

No. Cookies are still the standard for user session persistence.

Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. Cookies have lasted all this while because they work and are supported everywhere.

Thanks Michael, the help is appreciated. What’s the steps involved to make the below happen please?

How do you make a phpbb3 forum keep you always logged in, like here on these forums please?

Search the docs. I would be very, very surprised if PHPBB3 did not have such cookies, but it may not be enabled by default. Poke around the admin panel some.

Have poked around the acp but no joy there. If anyone does know, please post. Many thanks.

Your google-fu is week. 2nd result for “phpbb3 cookie”


So it has the feature. If it isn’t working you likely have a config problem.

Thanks Michael, your understanding-fu is week - as asked, the users don’t have problems logging in, they have problems staying logged in! Don’t worry Michael, unless anyone else here has any answers on this, I’ll keep working on it in other directions.

It’s weak, not week and no, if the cookies aren’t working for that code you have a configuration error, which is what that page is discussing.

The week bit was a play on words for you, but no problem. The main problem is that the forums are not remembering the passwords, which that page isn’t helping on.

The thread deals with getting cookies to work. You must have them working to have the user session persistence you desire.

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