Log into another phpMyAdmin account

Hi I’ve created a wordpress site and I plan to upload it using ftp FileZilla. Ive been given the database details to log in with. But my question is can I log into phpMyadmin localhost that I downloaded with xampp and insert the login information ive been given or do I have to do do something else in order to connect to my client database account.

I ask this because I can’t find where I can log out of my phpMyAdmin so I can place my clients login info.

If you’re asking about using your database information from your live server to your localhost, then it’s possible. But if you’re asking about it the other way around, it really depends on how your hosting runs. If they allow you to modify login credentials using just phpMyAdmin, then it should be fine. But if they don’t, then you’re pretty much out of luck unless they have a panel for you to create user credentials on their website.

But if you want to use the same data and database from your live server to your localhost, all you really need to do is create the same database user account with basically the same roles. Then on your live server, just click on the database you want to export. From the tabs at the top main frame, click on Export. After that, you can select the default options and click on the Go button to export the data as a .sql file. But I usually like to click on Custom and then click on View output as text so I can have the full view of what I am exporting.

Next, on your localhost, just click on the same database name you created and click on Import. Then click on the input file and browse to the location you saved your .sql file to. Then just click on Go to import your database.

Remember though, this isn’t real-time so if you make modifications on your localhost, you’ll have to also do the same modifications on your live server. Same thing goes with doing it on a live server.

Thanks for you reply so basically just to clear up what my problem is my client has emailed me his ftp info and his database info. I can upload the wordpress files into ftp but I need to log into his phpMyadmin and create a database in which the wordpress files will go into.

He has given me host, username and password.

Sorry if I’ve repeated myself. What’s the best way to do this?

I don’t really understand what you are asking here. You can’t really upload wordpress files to the database. You can upload those files to the file server. But you can’t upload everything to the database because that’s impossible. I am assuming you mean you want to import the data into the client’s database. All you really need is to ask him for the phpMyAdmin URL and ask him to make you an account that he can later delete and that can access and modify that database.

Thanks for your reply. Yep i mean import the data. So with the login information hes given me can I log into his account on my xampp phpMyadmin and import ?

You technically don’t even need to use his log in information. That is strictly speaking about the live server. All you really need to do is create an account in phpMyAdmin in your localhost and then import the data you’ve exported from your client’s phpMyAdmin into a similar database on your localhost. That’s pretty much it.

And that would allow the site to work properly for anyone ot see not just on my localhost?

No. If the WordPress site is on your localhost, people can’t see it. If your OP was about making the live server accessible, then you just reverse the steps. So instead of exporting from the live server, you would export from your localhost. And import to the live server instead of importing it to the localhost.

The only thing that people can see is the live server. What a “localhost” is, is it’s generally a localized version of the live server. Something that you could test and develop on. For developers, it’s generally a good idea to test your code before you deploy it to the web (live server). So no one can see your localhost at all. It’s strictly for you (the developer).

ive finished my site on localhost I want to upload to make it live. So I plan to upload the current wordpress files using ftp but its literally just where to connect to my database.

Then you have to ask your client to create an account on their phpMyAdmin and create a database strictly for Wordpress. The log in information they have you is most likely only for FTP and not phpMyAdmin. Then once they have created the database and account, you just import the data you’ve exported from your local phpMyAdmin.

hes given me both ftp and database account details. I assumed that I could log into his phpmyadmin account and create a database and just edit my config file to connect to the database. He hasn’t given me a database name

Then you’ll have to ask him to create a database for Wordpress because I don’t believe that it’s possible to create a database without using a panel like Cpanel for live servers if they are running on a shared hosting account.

so if he creates a blank database I could then place that database name inside my config file and connect to it. I usually use a plugin to import all my styles and data from the local host site. That should update the database tables right?

In theory, yes. But I don’t think you can connect to that database via your localhost. It has to do with security. So what you need to do is connect to your localhost database for local stuff. If you want to connect to the live server, the configuration file must be on the server in order to connect to the database.

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