Location Database Theory

I’m working on an Application and still unsure how I want to handle locations… ie… Countries, Regions and Cities.

I’ve downloaded what seems to be a very extensive set of tables, possibly more than what I need. My original thought on this was to populate the tables from user input. The main reason I want to do this is that my site will be muliti-languages.

So I would have input field for the user to type in the country. I will use autosuggest to display what we already have in the database. If the country is not in the database, I add it. If it is, I just continue on… This will be the same for Region and City…

What are others opinion on how to handle this?

you can get list of ips database.

then you can check ip of visitor and display content according to ip location

I’ve already tried that. Doesn’t work the way I wanted it to. I tried accessing with my iPhone and I get some random location… Maybe where the 3G tower is, not sure. The think is, with a user populated location database, if a user puts in “Ebina” and another user puts in “蛯名”, these are the same locations. but I think the user using the English version will probably not use the Japanese version on this location. so a post input at both of theses location would not show together.

That may be a con I will have to live with…

Over 1 week. I remember this forum use to get responses in a few hours. Where did all the people go?

Have you thought about using geographic coordinates as they are language independent?

What is your planed database table structure?

What is the expected output when the user enters in a location?

What I was thinking of doing was letting the users populate the database with locations. They can enter it in whatever language they prefer. However, doing this it may duplicate locations in different languages. Using location tables forces users to use English to input locations.

I do plan on using geolocation (lat/long)… i will get this info from the address provided by the user. In the near future I plan to make an iphone app that will get lat/longs much easier… addresses will be optional… but still need location for search purchases.