Location based services on a mobile device

I’m trying to find but without luck some information on developing location based services for an upcoming mobile website project.

Basically there are coffee shops throughout the city. Client wants the ability to enter a position (or auto-locate) and have the closest coffee shops displayed by map and list. Another request was to have the ability to navigate around the map and zoom in/out.

I can’t seem to find any documents on building a website like this which would work on a mobile platform. I would say the devices are geared towards newer phones iphone/android/bbm.

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

I too hav a same requirement as yours.
What is the programming language you use?
How do try locate the users current location? Actually the network service provider for the mobile device points where the user is currenly present, but I have to take or get the location from it, how it is possible? do you have any Idea?

I highly doubt something like this would be possible, due to web restrictions and this would need to be done as an on deck application. As you cannot access GPS info from a website. And I do not think you can have moving map functionality that easily either

http://www.google.com/intl/en/latitude/api.html perhaps?

Really not too hard. Your app asks mobile where the hell it is – most mobile platforms have this functionality. Hell, modern javascript has this functionality.

Then the app turns around and queries your cloud-based GIS database of coffeeshop locations for the closest ones. If you use a data store that can handle GIS natively – ie MongoDb or RavenDb – this is very, very trivial.

I’ll add that none of this happens because people asking their mobile these sorts of questions are already using yelp or google maps or foursquare or facebook places.

Check out https://sites.google.com/site/en1gmaengine/Home

I can tailor something for you along these lines…