Locate Orphaned files

I am looking for options to locate orphaned (not linked to or used) files on a web site. Most of the orphaned files would probably be images (gif, jpg, etc), but there may be some html or php files as well.

The site is on a shared server without shell access. My PC is a Windows PC and I access the site via FTP to manage the files.

One method I was thinking of was to run a program from my PC or a website that would access the site (eg. http://www.example.com/) and scan the whole site for all links to pages and images. Then with the list, I could manually compare each directory via FTP - file-by-file and deleted the ones which are not used.

I don’t use a program like Dreamweaver or FrontPage and don’t really want to download the complete site to my PC via FTP.

I am sure there is a better way and that is why I am asking. What methods are other people using?

Thank you.