Localization problem

I have developed a vb.net application in English version of developement environment.
I installed the applicaiton in Korean version of windows.
so in my applicaiton, some korean characters and some strings are shown as “???”
for ex: if I retreive some data from database and show to the user, it will show “???” like this. how should i solve this localization problem?
Please reply me as soon as possible.

Thanking you


You can add a culture setting to your web.config file for example to

<globalization uiCulture=“en-GB” culture=“en-GB” />

Forces dates etc to be displayed in English UK format. So do a google for the Korean settings for this and give that a go.

If you have not done so already, changing your page encoding to UTF-8 is probably a very wise move.

Let me explain, the character set is the collection of letters and symbols and special characters. You may have text on your page which contains several character sets, and without the proper encoding on your page will display like you explain.
It used to be that we would put in a different encoding for each language on each page. For example,

the most basic English language character set is ASCII,
Japanese is Shift-JIS, and
Arabic is ISO-8859-6.

Makes sense right? Nope. Not to worry though, since about 2002 most characters can be represented by using Unicode character sets. Unicode contains characters for almost every character for every language in the world. UTF-8 is the basic standard setting. In order for the content to display on your pages correctly, you have designate it on your page or by having server side declarations.

How do I set the encoding? This link will explain how to set this for most of the current applications out there:

If I understood your question correctly, that should be the answer. Please let me know.

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