Localhost/media="all" - is that official css?

hello all. this in firefox is coming up as
“[11:22:08.246] Expected ‘,’ or ‘{’ but found ‘/’. Ruleset ignored due to bad selector. @ http://cdiwwwtest.cdicorp.com/wp-content/themes/cdi/style.css?ver=3.6:419
I did some google searching and it seems legit but have been unable to find addy css documentation. I am thinking it is because I used bootstrap. Has anyone else run into this?
Was this a problem for you?

In the css file you linked to you have this rule:

[B] localhost/media="all" [/B].btn:hover, .btn:focus {
color: #000;
text-decoration: none;
background-position: 0 -10px;

What is that supposed to be? It’s not CSS.

That is why/what i am asking :slight_smile:
It doesn’t seem to be affecting anything. A google search brought up three results. (four now including this thread. That was fast)

thought it might be related to boostrap. But didn’t find it in the code. So was trying to find out more about it.

How did it get into your style sheet in the first place?

I was not the only person working on this project. & it has been so long since it started I honestly don’t remember.
I learned a lot. Also in respect as to what NOT to do in future coding.
The bit above doesn’t’ seem to have any negative effect. but wanted to investigate it a bit more.

Don’t ignore what the validator is telling you. :slight_smile:

Ruleset ignored due to bad selector.


Are you signing at my comment or at the validator? You may find that you hover and focus styles don’t work because of that error in the style sheet.

No, sorry Ralph, it was very general sighhh directed at all the errors ever.
so will of course have to check it out. still wonder what that localhost/media thing is tough.


localhost/media=“all” .btn:hover,

You are asking the browser to find an element called :" localhost/media=“all” .btn" and there is none (even if the code was valid).

It’s an error that someone copied and pasted by mistake from somewhere (possibly from firebug or similar) or it is a file that got corrupted along the way.

Either way its code that should be removed as it has no place there and will corrupt the rule that follows and possibly the rest of the stylesheet if you are unlucky.

It looks as though its part of a media query or a style tag that got copied incorrectly from somewhere else. Just remove it and address any consequences in the normal way.

I get that. sorry if i didn’t make myself clear.
I was more wondring about


am familiar w/localhost from using xampp, I was looking at this code and to my knowledge you can’t use css to access the “localhost” or itmes outside of the html/php page is styling.
That is where my confusion comes in.
but yes will have to check out the buttons & hover styles.

It just looks to me like a piece of corrupted code where you have joined a local url with a media query or maybe a corrupted import statement that has just been replicated and copied. Or someone just copied and pasted badly. Or badly constructed php that is outputting a broken segment. Either way it’s not css and shouldn’t be there.:slight_smile:

If you keep a revision history you could step back and see from which point the code has been added and see where it all started to go wrong.

Just yesterday I somehow managed, with a total of 2 keystrokes, to paste about a fourth of my LESS file again somewhere in the middle of the file. I didn’t notice it until the LESS compiler whined very unhelpfully about a bracket mismatch (without the benefit of a line number, something I could have easily figured out from plain CSS since all rules before the error would have shown up fine). The line in question looks like two mis-pastes though.

Finding an error in other places via google simply means it’s a popular error (for example if it had somehow gotten into one version of Bootstrap, even if later removed), but not that it’s an ok error.

In fact I google errors regularly because the spider is dumb and will index anything. It often helps me find what other people are doing about it.

I do that sometimes because I can’t touch type and I look at the keyboard and not realise that there is junk coming out on screen and I have opened four new windows and deleted 6 files all in one sentence :frowning:

Thank you all.
It has most def been a learning experience, both about what to do and very much about what NOT to do. & while I didn’t think w/relatively few people coding a version control would be needed, in hindsight it would not have hurt either.

That and let’s give up bootstrap and work on percentages to build own responsive site. Bootstrap has lot of neat feature but overriding a lot more elements was really annoying and the class names in bootstrap 3 are even longer and more inane.
I might go trough just a few example & tuts to pick it up a bit.

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