Localhost (MAMP) Security

Hi, I have MAMP (local web server software) set up on my Mac for local web development and have noticed that it doesn’t work properly without an internet connection.
It is fast when I’m connected to the internet but not when I’m offline. Pages take about 2 minutes to load when I’m offline. The main premise behind setting up a local web development environment is to work offline without internet latency.
I also get a message that Checking the MySql database failed and then after dismissing that message the MAMP local server works (provided I have an internet connection).
Can anyone refer me to a credible paid support service in this field so I can troubleshoot?
Any help appreciated.

I use MAMP for my php development and I don’t remember ever having that problem, but I remember for about a year (I hate to admit this) I wasn’t using the MAMP local server. I was using my iMac local server and the only way I caught it was I finally starting using some PHP 7 features that wasn’t working properly. So I checked my phpinfo and found I was only running php 5.6. I was like ??? Then I went into MAMP window and looked at my server configuration and sure enough I wasn’t using MAMP and did some research on the internet to find out that I was using my iMac’s local server (being a Windows users for 30+ years didn’t help). Sorry for the long reply, but I would check to make sure your server settings are correct. I’m not saying you’re not running MAMP server, but it could be that there’s some setting that is set to remote (Internet). I would also check to see something in you php setting is pulling something from the internet that might be causing the slowdown. Make sure that MySQL can only be access by that computer and that you have the latest version installed.

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Thanks for your insight into this. I resolved the problem with the help of Kevin Yank’s e-book “PHP and MYSQL - Novice to Ninja.”
In the book, he recommends changing your local MySql password, as in his words “The default password ‘root’ is not exactly Fort Knox”.
For the change to take effect properly, the password needs to be changed in several files within the bowels of MAMP. When I checked, I saw that I had only applied my new password in one of the files. As soon as I updated the other application files, the problem went away.


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