Local (Section) links not working in Bootstrap


I have created a webpage using Bootstrap: http://theoff.info/Test16.html. In top navbar, I have created local (section) links with unique ideas: id=ND15 and id=O15. But neither of these local links works from the top navbar: http://theoff.info/Test16.html#O15 and http://theoff.info/Test16.html#ND15.

Could anyone help?


Delete the pound sign from the ID on the target:

<h2 id="#O15"

should be:

<h2 id="O15"

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Please allow me to strongly recommend that you validate your HTML page…


61 errors, most of which are significant, is a real problem.

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Ronpat, thanks for useful insights!

I could correct errors except a few because I do not know how to correct them. I have deleted the test page http://theoff.info/Test16.html. I am using the new code for my home page http://theoff.info/.

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Thank you for the feedback!

One of the errors is a script below the end of the page. It should preceed the close </body> tag or be imported in an external JS file.

<script type="text/javascript">(function (d, w) ...

Line 101, <gcse:search></gcse:search>, is an XML 1.0 construct and is invalid in HTML.
@SamA74 found a proper way to format that here

On line 9 in the pinterest meta tag, I think the “description” needs to be in a separate meta tag, but I’m not positive. Can someone else offer a second opinion, please?

Thanks Ronpat!

The above code is generated by server. I have no such code in my html file.

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