Local host working but published site not

I have a form that gathers info, the user then can upload an attachment at submit it emails it to me. The script works fine locally but not after I upload it to Host Gator. I will send more info if this goes through. I have been getting Internal Server errors when I try to post a long message. Thanks

Couple of questions,
Are you referring to posting your code here? If so, I ran into that same problem and have reported it to the higher ups.
Can you post it to PasteBin and post a link here to your code?
Have you enabled the displaying of errors on your published site to see what errors (if any) you may be getting?

Have you checked file upload limits granted by your web host providers? You have not provided bug-centered code, please check your data server facilities provided by your hosting provider, check php version on localhost and on your site service provider. Internal server error may occur when system related activities fails e.g., if you are using one data type and you data server supports other and so on. If possible please provide code snippet here to look through.

It usually goes without saying, and @iamvshlbndr; has alluded to it, but specifically your first port of call should be to very carefully compare the output of :


… on both servers.

It might seem unlikely in your case, but all the same look specifically for anything which might affect mail or upload limits as @iamvshlbndr; said.