Loading XML failed?

I’m a total novice, clueless guy who’s “operated” packersinsider dotcom for a year and a half.
I designed it and it was hosted/launched for me my some shady company called microshar dotcom.

All of a sudden a few weeks back, the site won’t even load for me, gives me that error Loading XML failed. I cannot even log into ADMIN this thing.

The same issue results from going to the site on my wife’s 2 computers and my mom’s computer so I know it’s not just my computer messed up.

However, my friend in Seattle who does web stuff, and another person I just asked today, say it loads just fine for them. The Seattle guy says it works just fine in both his browsers, explorer and firefox I think. I only know exlporer anyway.

Any explanations from you smart people?
I personally would love to get the site away from where it’s being hosted because of microshar. Bad choice I made there in the first place.

Hi SterlingSharpe, welcome to the forums,

The site loads OK for me with Opera, but it has some serious concerns. For starters, this is the body’s mark-up

<div align="center">
  <table width="870" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
      <td width="870" height="19" valign="top"><div align="center">
                  <script src="index.js"></script>
      <td height="10"></td>
      <td height="38" valign="top"><div align="center"><span class="style2">2007 packersinsider.com<br>
        Design By <a href="http://www.microshar.com" class="style1">Microshar.com
      <td height="14"></td>

So if javascript isn’t enabled (eg. search bots), the main page is essentially useless.

The index.js file which is responsible for the page’s content is

document.write('<object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=7,0,19,0" width="870" height="2200">\
document.write('<param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain" />\
document.write('<param name="movie" value="index.swf" />\
document.write(' <param name="menu" value="false" />\
document.write('<param name="quality" value="high" />\
document.write('<param name="bgcolor" value="#004119" />\
document.write('<embed src="index.swf" quality="high" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="870" height="2200"></embed>\

So even if javascript is enabled, without flash the main page is still essentially useless.

If the site was designed with so little forethought in this regard, I can only imagine what horrors lie in the other javascript code.

Thanks mittineague,

Although that’s like a girl reading an NFL playbook and trying to learn what a zone blitz, hook & ladder, and a red zone conversion rate is, I can tell that I need to get the site away from where it is.

Do you follow me with how the site got launched in the first place?
I chose that crappy microshar company to do it, set up the forum, etc. A flat-fee. It was basic and from my basic design and logo. And it was easy for an idiot like myself to constantly change content.

But I couldn’t change any formats or anything, like get their name off the bottom, couldn’t get any animated GIF to work on the site, couldn’t change the size of the page or anything and these guys just took my money and went AWOL.

I’m not sure how I am supposed to get control of it, get it away from their control, their server choice.

Sometimes, fools with no knowledge maybe shouldn’t try to do these things I guess. I still can’t figure out why some of you can get it to load though but none of the 3 computers I try work.

:slight_smile: Thanks again, this must be comical to you, someone who knows this kind of stuff. I only know sports sadly!

No, it’s anything but comical. I was wondering about the “…/…/…/Scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js” file. This source would lie 3 folders above your “public html” (i.e. your site) folder, which even if you were in a sub-domain/virtual domain type of set-up it would still be outside of your control. But by using a couple of Firefox extensions to investigate it seems that file is non-existent at that location, so I don’t think that’s the problem (but I could be wrong).

When you say the site doesn’t load, are you getting a server error message? Or are you seeing the background and bottom packersinsider microshar link footer but no content?

If you see the page with no content are you certain you have javascript enabled and your browser is configured to show flash?

Right, it shows the bottom words “2007 packersinsider dotcom
Design By Microshar dotcom” and a few of the top graphics that are unchangable even when it works (forum login stuff and previous game). Otherwise, it just shows the background and has a bunch of those little circles spinning nonstop.

No I am not sure I have javascript enabled and browswer configured properly, but I don’t have any other problems at any other sites that I have noticed. Also remember somehow my wife’s computers (2) downstairs and my mother’s across town also somehow get this same error. If it was just me, that would be easier to pinpoint I’m sure. I’ve done the simple things I know how to do, like clear cookies, temporary internet files.

I appreciate you and trust you. If you want to take another minute on this for me, I’ll give you the admin username and password that I have on this site and you can see if it lets you log in from it being loaded. It’s not working for me. If you care to do that, my email is my name brianmurphy and @ that domain name.

Either way, thanks for your compassion and intelligence.

If you’re getting that much, then javascript is enabled or you wouldn’t be seeing that. The “little spinning circles” mean “loading”. So the problem most likely has something to do with flash. My swf plugin is from the Spring of 2007 and works, is yours older? What browser(s) are you using?

That sounds like a good possibility, for me and my wife and mother.
How do I check what and where my swf plugin is?
And browser?
I think Internet Explorer 7 based on a Windows folder I see that says ie7updates and a few otehr files that say ie7 something.

I don’t have IE7, but there should be a “Manage Add-ons” in the menu somewhere. Make sure it shows a flash player of some kind. If you see flash on other sites OK with those same browsers you’re having trouble with for your site it should show something there.

If you can’t see any flash at any site with your browsers and there is a plugin, the fix may require a registry edit. Not something for the foolish or faint-hearted to try, or even for those more knowledgeable except as a very last resort, as even a simple mistake can totally mess up your operating system.

Also, you could safely try the security settings.
1: Tools -> Internet Options (you may need to press “alt” to see it).
2: Security -> Trusted Sites -> Sites button
3: Under Websites type in the domain -> click Add button (making sure requires server verification https is NOT checked).
4: click Close
5: click Custom Level

EDIT: If you right-click over the swf content, you should get a contxt menu that indicates your version, If you are using the Adobe flash player and you go to http://www.macromedia.com/software/flash/about/ you can find out more exactly. i.e. I have version 9,0,45,0 installed. It may be easiest to try this link first to see what it says under “Version Information”

A lot has happened to me in the last 36 hours. I was rushed to ER and had emergency surgery yesterday to remove my appendix! Ouch.

OK, let me look back into your suggestions here… from what I remember, I think maybe I need to get some new Flash software updates or something like that…

Thanks again

This is what it says:
You have version 10,0,12,36 installed

Does that seem to be a problem, since it is different than yours?

That is the latest version. Although it’s possible that something supported in version 9+ is no longer supported in version 10+ (a change in the first number, i.e. 9 to 10, indicates a major revision), I suspect that backwards compatability was mantained and the problem lies elsewhere. Did you check your browser’s security settings? (see my previous post)

What you see in view-source is what the search robots see. And specifies what will be seen if javascript and/or flash is not enabled. Not the best situation. Having a flash-only site with a flash CMS is good for those with little or no technical know-how, but if possible, you should eventually migrate the site to something else. Even if changing your flash security settings allows you to continue as before, you now have an idea of what problems others may be having too. Changing will mean a lot of work and you will need to learn a few things, but your site will then be accessible to all users and will get indexed by Google and other search robots so that more can find the site.

If you start a new thread titled something like “Migrating Flash site to another CMS”, hopefully others that have been in your situation can provide some helpful information about their experiences. If you are not getting any content dynamically, but are entering it all yourself, it should not be too difficult. There are several good Content Management System options (eg. Joomla) that are oriented towards those that feel more comfortable working with a GUI than hacking code in files, and have Admin Control Panels that will allow you to make changes without needing to know too much about how things are working behind-the-scenes (although IMHO the more you know the better).

Yesterday I accessed the site from a CPU at the bank, and was amazed to see it load.

I will start a new thread now, as we can’t seem to figure it out on my end, but even if I could, the fact that my mother’s CPU and my wife’s 2 also have an issue with it means it’s not sufficient. And those guys microshar are atrocious. I am going to research this ‘joomla’ you mentioned. Thanks.

I think it’s something to do with my adobe flash player, because when i just tried to do a yahoo greeting card, and sample it, it puts up the thing that says download adobe flash player.
And I did it… and now the Yahoo flash greeting will play.
So then I was excited in anticipation to go back to my site and expected it to work… and still NO!
Still has the loading XML failed thing. Dang-it.

I am now checking on joomla. I’m done with that all-flash BS and with microshar.

I think it would still be nice to solve the problem, if possible, until you’re ready to make the move. Do you remember exactly what the “XML” error said? Was it a browser error message or server error message or something else?

I agree.
Here’s what & how it says what it says. I’m looking now.

It’s a Box in the middle of the screen from Microshar. It has their logo and says Microshar.com Flash Content Management System at the top of the box.
in the middle it says Loading XML Failed

at the bottom it has the OK Button

Pressing OK now, it gets their whole box to go away, and the site still sits there with those 33 little circles cursors spinning around.

I see all the colors of my background, and the permanent logos are all still there. the website logo and the Packer G and NFL Logo in the middle of the page are still there.
Also still there at the top right
left where my main story goes, is that weird 1> logo thing there. I never knew why that was there. But it’s still there now.

None of the photos show up, other than the top banner logo thing that has 5 guys in B&W that were always there and I couldn’t even change.

I can’t think of anything else to say now… and to me, Joomla will take some work for me to even learn that.

I can only do a geocities website no problem! Except they have problems.

It sounds like the index.swf file is getting information (other file names and where they are) from an XML file. And when it can’t find the XML file or it contains an error, it fails to load. Thus some things are loading OK, but the things that it can’t find or load for some reason hang up and you see the loading circle for those.

It seems like the XML problem would be something wrong server-side (the swf file can’t get at the xml files OK). Yet if that’s true, it seems that the site would be buggy for everyone, or if an intermittent problem it would be OK sometimes but not at other times for everyone, including you.

Have you tried emptying your browser’s cache? Perhaps it’s saved an out-dated version of a file and contains now non-existent information, or doesn’t have some now existent information it needs (I have my browser set to empty the cache every time I close it, so I’m loading “fresh” files from your site when I visit it).

As for Joomla, you can try it for free at your own pace if you’re up to installing it. If you download a free server to your computer (WAMP, XAMPP, XAMPPlite, easyPHP, etc) you can download Joomla (or something else like WordPress, etc.) to it.

For example, with XAMPPlite I would unzip Joomla in the htdocs folder. Then I click on xampp_start.exe to start the server. Then I open a browser and go to http://localhost/Joomla/ and there it is. When done, close the browser and click on xampp_stop.exe This way you can experiment at home offline when you want without needing to find a new host to learn things on. And once you’re ready, you can find a new host and upload everything to it ready to go.

IMHO XAMMPlite was relatively easy to install (I used the exe file) http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html#646 as I didn’t need to make any changes to any Windows files or the registry like some other things I’ve installed needed. And it should be more than adequate for your needs.