Loading Libraries/Framework Templates in XCode

What is the process/procedure to include/upgrade the template library in XCode?

Let me explain just a bit:
I purchased an ebook (from Packt Publishing) titled “Cocos2d Game Development Blueprints”.
In the first chapter there is a screenshot of the XCode “Choose a template…” dialog:

My XCode (v6.3.2) does not include the same version of Cocoa2d. I have downloaded version 3 of the Cocoa2d library but do not know how to integrate it as a choice in this “template” dialog:

I am a bit naive on the XCode ecosystem and puzzled about this. Google and Apple websites have not yielded me any suitable answers; which was quite a surprise. So I am turning to the incredibly smart and highly experienced community here!

I have written to Packt Publishing (over two weeks ago!) and they have not responded. :angry:

Have you tried CocoaPods? There may be a way to add the library from there?

That is a GREAT idea! And the most obvious

< /embarrassed >


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