Loading gif positioning prob

Hi from monsoon weather conditions Wakefield UK :frowning:

On this page:
ive been experimenting with Jquery lightboxes detailed here:

Ive had good success but have one problem… I just cant get the loading gif to sit centrally in the picture. It sits to the left as depicted in the above screen shot and heighlighted with a red circle.

To see the problem click on the first thumnail pic of a male holding a coffee flask.

So my question is:
“Is there a css solution to get the loading gif to sit centrally?”

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Ralph, brilliant that worked thank you (off topic: ands thank you for advising to use firebug in a previous post, which i did and can now see the big advantage)

What do you mean by the “loading gif to sit centrally”? I can’t associate that statement with that red circle. :frowning:

Ok i tried to screen grab it but I cant. So here goes again…
When you click on the thumbnail pic right at the top with the word “Test” to the right a loading swirly type graphic appears for 3 seconds but is positioned on the left.

Here is a link where the loading gif is in the correct position:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Ah, I see. (Sorry, the image loaded too fast for me, so I didn’t see the loading gif at all.)

I think that it’s the display: block on your site images that is causing the problem. Try adding this to the CSS:

#lightbox-loading img {display: inline;}