Loading DIV Based on Drop Down Selection

Hello All,
Right now I am building a rate calculator for my companies insurance products. I am using codeigniter framework and some javascript for showing divs based on a drop down selection.

My next goal is showing the data submitted in a form above the results, so they can easily edit and modify their input for a different search result, rather than filling out the whole form again.

The javascript I am using for hiding/showing divs is this:

<script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function() {     $("#plan_type").change(function(){        id = $(this).val();        if ( id == "graded" )    {                 $("#tobacco").hide();                $("#faceGraded").show();                $("#faceLevel").hide();                $("#sex").show();                $("#age").show();                $("#adb").hide();  
        }            else if    ( id == "level" ) {                $("#tobacco").show();                $("#faceLevel").show();                $("#faceGraded").hide();                $("#sex").show();                $("#age").show();                $("#adb").show();              }                        else if    ( id == "default" ) {                $("#tobacco").hide();                $("#faceLevel").hide();                $("#faceGraded").hide();                $("#sex").hide();                $("#age").hide();                $("#adb").hide();
            }                else {                    $("#tobacco").show();                    $("#faceGraded").hide();                    $("#faceLevel").hide();                }    });        //inicial settings    $("#tobacco").hide();    $("#faceGraded").hide();    $("#faceLevel").hide();    $("#sex").hide();    $("#age").hide();    $("#adb").hide();    });</script>

Here is an example of the PHP to output that drop down menu:

    <?php         $plan = $this->session->userdata('plan_type');        $options =      array(    'default' =>'Select A Plan',    'graded' => 'Final Expense Graded Death Benefit',    'level' => 'Final Expense Level Death Benefit',    );     ?>    <?php echo form_dropdown('plan_type', $options, $plan,'id="plan_type"'); ?>

The 3rd parameter in form_dropdown is the default value. Which I have set to the ‘plan_type’ stored in a session from the previous submission.

The problem is, on the results page, even though I have ‘final_expense_level’ set as the default, it does not show that form. It hides.

Can anyone point me in the right direction!? I’ve been trying to find a solution for this and just can’t seem to do so.

Thanks ahead of time!

P.S. To see the script in action, http://newco.ratecal.info