Load Time?

How much weight are Google and others giving to page load time (site speed)? How do people feel about this? I would like to get some opinions from the community. Thanks.

There are several Firefox, Chrome plugins out which you can use.

Below are online tools:

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Stevie D is of course right. Heavy penalising on Google’s behalf would make no sense as it would encourage to people to optimise sites for extremely fast loading instead of putting in lots of content. One major benefit of high-speed modern internet connections is they allow more content to be delivered in a reasonable time. With web 2.0, this is what we want.

google will give more priority to the sites with fast loading speed

the idea is fine with me…we all want faster loading time or else we tend to leave than wait

Google have stated that it will only have a very minor effect, in that a page that takes too long to load may be pushed down below a page that has similar rankings for content and link quality, but loads in a reasonable time. Pages won’t be arbitrarily penalised and pushed below much less relevant results just because they are a bit slow.

This seems fair to me. As a surfer, I want pages that are going to load quickly. I’m paying for a broadband service, I don’t want to then have to wait while a slow server, bloated page or unnecessary script library kicks into action if there’s another site that is equally good but appears immediately.

Is there a good website or tool to measure my load time and tell me location of where the site has some speed problems?

Thanks. I feel the same way. I have been developing since the days of dial-up where optimizing your site for quick loading was essential, I am thankful that those practices have stuck with me.