Load data into dropdown with ajax, php and mysql

Hi I need to populate a dropdown field using a value taken from the database and show it as selected and at the same i would like to show a list of options taken from the database,

Everything works fine except for the field “User Group” this is what i’ve done so far, can anybody please help me?
Many thanks

Html file

<div class="row">
               <div class="col-md-6">
                 <div class="form-group">
                  <label class="control-label">User Group
                   <span class="required"> * </span>
                  <select class="form-control bs-select" id="userGroup" name="userPippo">


                    $select_group_query="SELECT group_id, group_name FROM user_group";  
                    $run= mysqli_query($conn, $select_group_query);
                    while($row= mysqli_fetch_array($run)) {     
                        echo "<option value= '".$row['group_id']."' >" . $row['group_name'] . "</option>";


Javascript file

function GetUserDetail(id) {



    var user_id = $('#user_id').val();



      success: function(data){  


       // ricarico il campo per falo funzionare con il plugin bs-select 
       $('#userGroup').val(data.group_name); // doesn't work
       // make it work with bs-select 
       $('#userGroup').selectpicker('refresh'); doesn't  work





PHP File

if(isset($_POST["user_id"])) { 

	$userid = $_POST['user_id'];
	$user_id = filter_var($userid, FILTER_SANITIZE_NUMBER_INT); 

	$query = "SELECT group_id, group_name, user_first, user_last, user_email, user_telephone, user_fiscalcode, user_birth, user_iddocument, user_role FROM user_group_join LEFT JOIN (user_group, users) ON (user_group_join . group_join_id = user_group . group_id AND user_group_join . user_join_id = users . user_id) WHERE user_join_id = ? ";

	$stmt = mysqli_prepare($conn, $query);
	mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, "i", $user_id);

	$result = mysqli_stmt_get_result($stmt);

	$response = array();

	while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) {

	$response = $row;


	echo json_encode($response); 


It seems that what you should do* is:


because your ‘value’ for each of the options is the group_id column, not the group_name.

(* haven’t tried it myself)

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Hi @droopsnoot thanks for your answer it did work fine just changing to group_id
While i’m here can i ask how i can hide the dropdown user group if the previous dropdown user role has the value admin? Many thanks for your help

Glad it’s working for you.

Looking at another topic on here ( Html elements are not accessed in ajax success function ) as I’m not really up on JS / Ajax, can’t you do something like


to hide the div containing the dropdown, based on whatever criteria you have? So if it’s based on a previous selection value, you’d trap the ‘change’ event on that dropdown and, if it’s set to the value you need, then hide the div.

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Hi @droopsnoot thanks for pointing me in the right direction, i’ve sorted it out in this way:

       if($("#userRole").val() == "client"){
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