Llokking for some advice

Hi guys

I want to make web page that looks like this:


I know HTML and Css well enough to get it started, but I will find the graphics a challange.

I don;t want to have it look exactly the same, but I want to make divs for the cards so they are coloums, and have that degraded, textred background behind my fixed width layout (so a background image on either side)

Any ideas? I might just try draw it up in illustrator/photshop to begin with, they I suppose I can slice stuff up later?

Best way?


no advice hey

Using Photoshop, I would first create a background image that can be tiled. Then place that in Illustrator, create the cards and holders with shapes, place text over that. (The text would just be so I can see how it will look.) Possibly create a second image to use as a fill for the holders. Then I would apply a color scheme. The slice up in Illustrator and create the rest with CSS. Hope that helps. I’m sure other people would approach this in different ways.

You could layer divs over a background, but I’d warn you not to get too fancy like this. It doesn’t really work well on the web—especially with background images of a fixed height. There’s nothing you can do to stop users increasing their font size, for example, in which scenario your design will blow apart, the text extending down beyond the background image.


Thanks guys:)
Ralph, I did not want to use a div over a background image for this reason, and as I feel the image size will make the site too heavy. However, I’m not sure I can get the site looking really sweet with only a tile. I’ve not really done much background image work using tiles though, what is possible with it? Can I have multiple tiled images (I am sure I can).

Doing this for a personal project, if anyone is gun web designer and interested in providing some mentorship I would be stoked to the moon. I have a tonnes of experience designing I am just a bit over my head on this one.