LiveCycle, Flex, Jboss - MessageBrokerServlet failed to initialize

Hey all,
I am working on a project in Flex 3, using LiveCycle, Eclipse Ganymede & JBoss 5.1 on my local machine.

It is read only, just looking up legacy data, no changing it.

I have battled through most problems so far but have been stumped by this one:

ERROR [STDERR] **** MessageBrokerServlet failed to initialize due to runtime exception: flex.messaging.config.ConfigurationException: channel not found for reference ‘my-amf’.

I have been looking for an answer but found none. As far as I can tell I have things set up correctly.

Services Config:

     <channel-definition id="my_amf"  class="mx.messaging.channels.AMFChannel">
         <endpoint url="http://localhost:8080/BigB_lcds/messagebroker/amf"  class="flex.messaging.endpoints.AMFEndpoint"/>

Data Management Config:

     <channel ref="my_amf"/>

MXML File:

<mx:ChannelSet id="abe_CS">
     <mx:AMFChannel id="my_amf" url="http://localhost:8080/BigB_lcds/messagebroker/amf"/>

Now I have never had training in LiveCycle and only a little in Flex. I cannot shake the feeling that this is just a simple missing part causing this.

I did see a comment in some code while I was investigating: <!-- This matches your channel destination in services-config.xml –> it was on the default channels of the data management config. I do not know if it is a typo and should be defininition or I am missing the destination they mean in my services config as I have no destinations there.

I wasn’t really sure which forum to put this in as there are no JBoss, Flex or LiveCycle forums. Any suggestions would be great as until I figure out why it will not work in JBoss, the project is dead in the water.