Live Site: Is this a case for using Custom Post?

This is a WordPress site that has been up and running for eighteen months or so and I am thinking about a redesign. I want some advice about the Home Page:

My immediate thoughts are that I could just remove it but the site owner likes it so, I am stuck with it. At the moment it is just hard coded in to a template with get_header() and get_footer() and not much else.

Is this a place to use a post type (image) and a custom taxonomy and replace the template with a custom loop? I am thinking of trying to use circular images and drop the hover effect to replace it with a <h2> and a bit of text underneath.

I may be misunderstanding the whole custom post thing and even if I am on the right track, I am not sure whether coding this might be a bit beyond me. However, it might be a good learning experience for me and I would appreciate a few pointers to get me started.



[Edit] I think my title should read "Is this a case for using Post Type?

You can add a home.php template file. That will let you do something different with the homepage without affecting any other pages on the site.

Thank you,

I think that’s pretty much what I’m doing here. It’s not much more than get_header() and get_footer with my HTML in between.

I was just thinking I could use a loop.