Live Site and me


i have made many local website to just practice css/html

im not sure if im ready to put a my first website live

my website im trying to make is kind of like a blog but the topics presented are real accidents of my local city

i would imagine the site would have:

  • a buttom to share the topic on facebook and other social media sites for each story
  • comment section below each story
  • search bar for each topic header

My question is in order to make this site what topics do i need to learn

Note: i would rather learn how to build the site my own then use some kind of ready made package

Does this mean you will not be using Wordpress, etc.?

In regards to a search feature, I came across this yesterday:

That might help out a bit.

Oh, and the Facebook, Twitter and everything else buttons are spreading across the internet like a massive digital plague. seems to have a pretty popular solution for those needs.

what i mean is that i would like to learn more about web development while creating the site not just click here and there and you got your site all done for you

I will agree with you on that method of learning because that is how I am learning as well. I will say, though, the scripts available to you online, like ones you can find in the links I posted above, are your friend! Implementing scripts will help you understand them, and when you understand them, you can customize them to your liking and it can pave the way to writing your own in the future.