Live odds Script not running on website

I am running a live odd script on my sports website.

But it script is not running fully. it keeps showing loading… all the the time.

But if i run the file separate not within a website it works fine.

Does any one can help to solve this issue.

You should convert path to books.php to absolute inside your lines.php.

This line:

books_url = 'books.php?host=WISEGUYSPORTS';

should be changed to this:

books_url = '/books.php?host=WISEGUYSPORTS';

Because now lines.php looks for books.php in the same folder. That means when you open it sends request to what is wrong.

PS: I see couple of paths to other scripts in your lines.php. Maybe you should convert them to absolute too.

Thanks for your support. I have make changes in it.

books_url = '<?php echo '/books.php?host='.WISEGUYSPORTS; ?>';

lines_url = ‘<?php echo '/schedule.php?host='.WISEGUYSPORTS.'&sport='.$default_sport.'&period='.$period; ?>’;
changes_url = ‘<?php echo '/schedule.php?host='.WISEGUYSPORTS.'&sport='.$default_sport.'&period='.$period; ?>’;
line_history_url = ‘<?php echo '/line_history.php?host='.WISEGUYSPORTS; ?>’;

you can also view stats startw showing.

There is another website using same kind of script.

Here showing perfectly.

Add this to each page where you want to show these stats

<link rel="stylesheet" media="all" type="text/css" href="">

You have it added in lines.php but not in /las-vegas-odds/. That’s why your table hasn’t any styles there.

Thanks megazoid. I have created a separate template for las-vegas-odds and also included that link but still doesn’t look like it has to be

But still the same results
Is there any other way to solve this issue ?

That is because your own stylesheet overrides some styles from odds.css
Looks like you have to fix these conflicts manually

i also try this but when manually trying to fix then it disturb the Theme also.

It depends on how do you define your selectors. It’s possible to make any changes with that table only.

As an another option I think you can just embed that page (lines.php) with iframe and make them isolated

I am working on WordPress Theme. Is it possible in a Wordpress ?
because i am loading that one in a template file that i created myself

I guess so, try to insert regular iframe tag into your template

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="600" frameborder="0" allowTransparency></iframe>

Where did you get this live odds script?

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