Live Musical / Concert Performances

I’ve never been to a live musical / concert performance in an arena / stadium / concert hall before. But I’ve seen plenty of videos on YouTube of audiences. I’ve just booked tickets to go see the legendary Barry Manilow in concert in May at the local arena and I’m very much looking forward to it! WHO WOULDN’T BE?! IT’S BARRY FREAKING MANILOW!

…Anyway. I was wondering, have any of you good ladies and gentlemen ever been to see a live musical / concert performance? If you have, then who did you go see, and what was the experience like? And if you haven’t, who have you always wanted to go see?

Come on now. Don’t be shy!

P.S. Has anyone on here ever been to see Barry Manilow perform live?

Yes, I have. I have seen Elliott Smith, Dirt Nasty, Eminem, Our Lady Peace and more. Just relax and enjoy the time. :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen Barry Manilow, but the last couple of concerts I visited were A-ha and UB-40 :slight_smile:
Both were very enjoyable trips down memory lane!

As for more recent artists, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, some local/ bands. Oh and The Prodigy just before they got really famous (at some weird acid house rave about 18 years ago).

er no. Barry wouldn’t be top of my list to be honest…!
First gig I ever went to was Megadeth - Rust in Piece at the Manchester Apollo.
After that Metallica, Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains, the Almighty, Megadeth (Countdown to Extinction), Iron Maiden and a whole bunch of local gigs.

There is nothing like the feeling of whiplash and tinitus for four days after :smiley:

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve last been to a concert, the last ones were the free city concerts in Rome (at the Colosseum and at the Circo Massimo): Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Elton John, Sting.

When I was young (…), we went to concerts hours before opening, so we could get in first row (or even in the area in front of the stage where you could actually move and dance). Black Crows, Metallica, Lenny Kravitz, Guns 'n Roses, Prince, Living Colour, UDS, Aerosmith, and others.

All old stuff :smiley:

No, I obviously haven’t seen Barry Manilow but if he rocks your taste Andrew that is good.

I have seen Beck at the Manchester Apollo however he was only doing acoustic solo so just mainly playing several guitars, piano, harmonic and obviously all vocals.

At one stage his drum machine actually temporally bust so he improvised a new song on the piano regarding the stage spotlights… :cool: