List Your Secrets to Landing Valuable Expired Domain Names

I will start the sharing with my most important one:

The Evaluation of the Expired Domain Name for Link Value and SEO

  1. Use SEOMoz Open Site Explorer(OSE) to evaluate the page and domain authority.
  2. Go to the top ten highest value links in OSE and make sure they are legitimate.
  3. Review the anchor text in OSE that is being used in the links.
  4. Make sure pages are indexed in Google.

My biggest secret is:

3 Site Link Trades : Offer an outgoing link from one site that you own, while getting a incoming link to a second site that you own. This gives the trader equal value, while giving you a one way link.

my secret is: have some interesting content that nobody else ranks for

my success has been through marketing the long tail keywords e.g 4 words and above

Building unique contents, which my visitors wish to link to themselves. Truth be told, I haven’t done anything but this for several years, and I consistently rank high for many of the keywords I check. Rudy’s technique is good too.

FYI “long tail” does ~not~ mean more keywords

a 5 keyword phrase is not “longer tail” than a 4 keyword phrase

I agree that if you write great content and have the ability to distibute it, then the rankings will come. Considering that everyone is writing great content, then what are you means of distributing it to your following and new visitors.

Considering that everyone is writing great content

I beg to differ. I see a lot of made for adsense-websites with crappy, spinned contents. These websites might get a bit of traffic, but their contents is pure junk.

I agree unique content is definitely the king but… if you don’t do seo, you will never be found. Use unique content and do the SEO then prosper. Good luck.

Guys, this was a very interesting thread… but then everyone started talking about long tails vs. longer tails. Let’s get to the nitty gritty and get back to Listing Your Secrets to Landing Valuable Expired Domain Names :slight_smile: